SD Raymond F.C. Mascarenhas

 The Servant of God Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas was born in Shivamogga on 23rd January 1875 and was baptized on 27th of the same month at the Sacred Heart Church,  Shivamogga. He was the seventh among the 13 children of Lazarus and Joanna. One could perceive that this was an exceptional child, destined for great things, and pioneering works. In his school career and the seminary which he joined at 16 he has left brilliant record of his intellectual acumen. He was ordained priest at the age of 25 for the Diocese of Mangalore on March, 1900.

A man of vision, her read the signs of the times and worked to meet challenges present and future, in the Church and society. A man of holiness he worked for the spiritual welfare of his people. An eminent speaker gifted with a sharp memory and eloquence, he preached impressive sermons and gave eloquent speeches and was called the Bossuet of Mangalore. His passion for the word of God led him to translate the entire New Testament into Konkany and made it available to the ordinary people. He has authored also other books on spirituality.

He served the Church as parish priest in Udyavar from 1903 to 1910 and Agrar from 1910 to t0 1914, and the newly carved out parish of Bendur for 17 years from 1914 to 1931. As a zealous pastor he worked to meet the spiritual, intellectual and even material needs of his people. The two church edifices he built at Udyavar and Bendur, and several schools speak volumes about his zeal for God’s glory and welfare of humanity. His service as Vicar General of the Diocese of Mangalore and Vice President of the Catholic Board of Education is laudable.

Among his pioneering works, his ‘Magnus Opus’ the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, to serve the cause of the poor and marginalized has won him laurels and has rendered his memory immortal. The Sisters of this Congregation serve in three continents – Asia, Europe and Africa in 176 communities and many centres, and work for the uplift of the least and the  lost.

Having lived a life of holiness,  achieved through hard work, suffering an d sacrifice endured  for God and above all,  his trust and confidence in the Eucharistic Lord and Mother Marty, he rendered his immortal soul to his Maker on 23rd December 1960 at his residence.

A bird’s eye view of his life and creditable service to the Church and society can be had through the milestones of his life given below:


1875 January 23

Birth at Shivamogga .

1875 January 27

Baptism at Sacred Heart Church, Shimoga, Karnataka.


First Holy Communion at Milagres Church

1891 February 23

Joins St Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore.

1900 March 4

Ordained Priest at Rosario Cathedral, Mangalore.

1900 March 11

First Mass at Milagres Church, Mangalore.


Assistant Vicar of Milagres Church, Mangalore

1900 July - 1901 April

Assistant Vicar to Mount Rosary Church, Kallianpur.

1901 March - 1903 May

Assistant Vicar at Milagres Church, Kallianpur.

1903 May 31 - 1910 Mar 3

Vicar of St Francis Xavier Church, Udyavar.


Writes  the first Literacy Book   in Konkani.

1910 May 5 - 1914 Aug 18

Vicar of the Most Holy Saviour Church, Agrar.

1914 Aug 23

First Parish Priest of St Sebastian’s Church, Bendur, Mangalore.

1921 July 16

Founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany at Bendur, Mangalore

1921 – 1927

Director Mangalore Roman Catholic Pioneering Fund

1925 January 23

Golden Jubilee of his life.

1925 March 4

Celebrates Silver Jubilee of his Ordination.

1921 – 1927

Member, District Educational Council of South Kanara

1931 - 1941

Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese

1931 - 1941

President, Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK)

1932 - 1941

Vice- President, of Catholic Board of Education  Diocese of Mangalore

1932 - 1936

Diocesan Supervisor of Catholic Ele. & Sec. Schools of the Diocese of Mangalore.

1937 - 1941

President, Mangalore R. Cath. Provident Fund (MRCP Fund)


Translation and Publication of Four Gospels – Havn Waat, Sath, Jeevith – Char Evangel translated into Konkani.

1950 March 14

Twin Jubilee Celebration (Golden Jubilee of his Ordination and Platinum Jubilee of his life).


Receives the honour from Pope Pius XII as Domestic Prelate to the Pope


Publication of New Testament –Amcha Somi Jezu Christacho Novo Testament- Dhodtya Shatamanic Utsavachen Voras- First Translation into Konkani.

1960 February 29

Sacerdotal Diamond Jubilee

1960 December 23

Slept in the Lord; burial at St Sebastian’s Church, Bendur.


Declared Servant of God

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