Bethany,10th September:Amidst changing times and new challenges that threaten our education ministry, the members of the Council of Managementof the Bethany Educational Society ® Mangalore met on 11th August 2018 to take stock of the changing scenario and to propose alternatives to make this ministry relevant and life-giving. It was followed by70thAnnual General Body Meeting (AGM) on 12th with 73 participants, Educator’s Meet represented by the Province BES Sub-Committee members on 13th with 45 participants and Hostel Ministry on 18thAugust with 40 participants. During these four meetings, all members were enthused to evaluate critically of the BES policies with regard to education and upgrade the same in response to the changing laws and regulations of the Education Department and more so, in fidelity to the charism and spirit of our Founder who desired to empower the poor through education.

During these meetings, Sr Rose Celine the President invited the participants to be God experienced educators and called on to offer value based education in the context of the erosion of values and degradation of principles. In this pursuit, she called on the members to network with other agencies who share similar vision and build linkages between schools to offer hope to the world. Eminent persons like Dr SupriyaHegde, Psychiatrist, Mrs LathaHolla, Advocate, Mr Preetham Rodrigues, Member,CWCalso enlightened the participants with resourceful insights and offered valuable suggestions to use the education ministry as a tool to transform the societynegatively influenced by religious intolerance and media.  

Having evaluated education ministry in the light of the input sessions, XVI General ChapterDecrees and at the background of the compiled Annual Report of the activities of 166 institutions and 31hostels presented by Sr Mariette the Secretary, BES 7 priorities were drawn up for implementation for the year 2018-19:

Sr Mariette BS
General Coordinator for Education

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