A historic and epoch making event was held at Bethany Provincial House Guwahati on 29th July 2020 signifying the three fold proceedings – carving out a new Province named as Silchar Province; secondly, renaming the North East Province as Guwahati Province and thirdly Installation of Sr Sandhya as the Provincial Superior and Sr Benedicta Aranha, Sr Ruth Mao, Sr Janet Mendonca and Sr Shwetha as the Councillors of Guwahati Province.

During the entrance procession for the Holy Mass to the tune of Bethany Anthem, Sr Sandhya the Provincial elect and her Councillors, Sr Joy, the outgoing Provincial Superior moved to the altar with Rt Rev John Moolachira, the Archbishop of Guwahati along with 4 concelebrants.

After the homily, Rev Sr Joy, the Delegate of the Superior General read out the Decree of change of name of the North East Province given by Rev Sr Rose Celine, the Superior General of the Congregation and installed Sr Sandhya, the Provincial Superior. She presented the symbols of leadership to her inviting her to guide and lead the Sisters of the Province after the example of Jesus the Sat Guru. This was followed by the oath taking ceremony by the Provincial Superior and the Councillors after which they sang the hymn ‘Behold the handmaid of the Lord’ in an attitude of self-surrender. The gracious and historic moment culminated with the blessings of the Almighty, Mary our beloved Mother, St Therese of Lisieux the patroness of the Province and the Founder, the Servant of God












A commendable felicitation programme after the Holy Mass comprised of greeting of the newly installed Provincial Superior, Sr Sandhya and the Councillors - Sr Benedicta Aranha, Sr Ruth Mao, Sr Janet Mendonca and Sr Shwetha. The sisters acknowledged gratefully and applauded the milestones of Sr Joy, the outgoing Provincial and her team members. Sr Sandhya, the newly installed Provincial Superior, in her maiden speech thanked Sr Rose Celine the Superior General and her Councillors for their trust and blessings upon her. She acknowledged the Visionary leadership of Sr Joy and assured that she along with her team members will strive to carry on the baton handed over to them. A few words of inspirations by the Archbishop gave encouragement and support. Glimpse of ‘Down the memory lane’ – presented by Sr Edleburgh was a grateful reminiscence of the past. Enactment of a skit by the candidates - ‘Pleading for the two-fold spirit of Elijah by Elisha’ was very apt to the occasion.

The Centenary year of the Congregation has gifted us with new ventures and abundant blessings upon the Guwahati and the Silchar Provinces that will be soon actualized. As the chorus resounds louder ‘Let Bethany Grow, Flower and Bear Fruit in plenty’ it is our humble prayer that Bethany be more relevant and vibrant to the lands of hundred tribes and hundred tongues of the North East. May God be praised!

Sr Janet Mendonca
Guwahati Province


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