23 August 2021 was an auspicious day in the annals of Saint Louis, Senegal,marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Dispensary of Saint Therese. Sr Anita Martis, the Delgation Councillor, Sr Jeena Kurian, Superior of Bethany, Thies and Sr Kripa Rodrigues being the delegates of the Delegation Chapter had gathered in Senegal to paricipate online in the Chapter. The thanksgiving Eucharist on this occasion was anticipated on 14th August, officiated by Abbe Jean Laurent PREIRA, newly ordained priest from the parish of Notre dame de Lourde Saint Louis.Sr Ignatia, the Superior, Sr Prasad, Sr Anitha D’Souza and Sr Jenita Fernandes the members of the community joined the celebration along with the collaborators.

The presence of the two pioneers Sr Kripa Rodrigues and Mrs Philomen Kanthussan, the receptionist in the dispensary added joy and excitement to the occasion. Both the pioneers were honoured and they in turn shared their initial experiences with nostalgia.

Drawing inspiration from the Founder, Servant of God Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas free consultation was organised on 23 August to bring relief to the poor people affected by pandemic, victims of economiccrisis. Sisters found great joy and satisfaction to extend their service to 32 deserving children and 30adults. They could witness the expression of gratitude on the faces of those who entered the portals of Saint Therese dispensary.We thank God for making us channels of His healing in this remote area during the last decade. May the Lord of Bethany work greater wonders through us to bring integral healing to those who come to us during the Post-Centenary Year.

News by :Sr Jenita Fernandes BS, Saint-Louis Sénégal


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