Hey! What’s that? Youth, Mission  and Flash Mob? Well dear friends, it is a part of the Maha event organized by the BLA members and Sisters of Jyothi Convent, Bangalore as response to Pope Francis’ assertion “WE ARE MISSION”

On the 27th of October during the conclusion of the family rosary programme the BLA initiated a unique method of evangelization involving the youth  of their families, the Bethany champions, and the student candidates  through the performance of a flash mob.

Flash mob is a spontaneous expression in dance and song by the young about Jesus love and his message. It usually uses the rhythmic songs such as, “My God is so big and so mighty,”  “Every move I make I make in you” and the like. Onlookers are drawn almost involuntarily to this joyous witness to Jesus. The flash mob evokes the curiosity of the onlookers and a desire in them to know more about Jesus.

On 27th of October all gathered at Jyothi Convent for the finale of the ROSARY MISSION were deeply touched by the enthusiasm and commitment of the youth who animated the vibrant and lively liturgy. Indeed the youth mission mode was an exhilarating experience.

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