Superior General
Sr M. Rose Celine BS

Generalate Community


Generalate Building

Generalate Office

Sr M. Virginia BS, Office  Secretary, Sr Sharmila BS, Asst Secretary and Sr Philomena, Asst Secretary


Sr M Christine  BS the Procurator General and the Assistants - Sr M Fabiola BS and Sr Precilla BS

Bethany Generalate is the headquarters of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. The leader or head of the Congregation is known as the Superior General. She is assisted by four councillors who hold various portfolios.  The first councillor also holds the post of Asst Superior General. The person who manages the   temporal affairs under the Superior General known as Procurator General also resides in the Generalate.

Sr Rose Celine who is the Superior General administers and animates the whole institute through the provincial superiors and with the assistance of her councillors and Procurator General.  Sr Lillis, the Asst Superior General cum the first general councillor is the general coordinator for formation;  Sr Shanti Priya, the second general councillor is the general coordinator for pastoral, medical and social apostolates; Sr Mariette, the third general councillor is the secretary of The Bethany Educational Society and general coordinator for education and Sr Lilitta, the fourth general councilor is the secretary general and general coordinator for vocation promotion. Sr Christine is the Procurator General. A few sisters serve as the support staff at the Generalate.
The various offices under the Generalate are:  the Office of the Generalate, the Office of the Procurator General, The Bethany Educational Society Office, Sahodaya- the Office of Bethany Social Service Trust,  Sachetana-Bethany Pastoral Care Centre,  and   Office of the Cause of the Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God Raymond F C Mascarenhas.

The present Generalate building was constructed in 1981.  From 1921-1977, the Generalate was in the first Mother House block itself. Thereafter it was shifted to the newly constructed block of the Mother House, known as Pushpalaya block. From Feb.6, 1981 a separate building was erected for the Generalate

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